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While I was interning at Rodrigo Corral Design in 2021, I had the opportunity to work with creative directors Rodrigo and Anna Corral to revamp the about page and aspects of the homepage for their design studio website. The goal here was to make a complete overhaul of the about page, keeping the overall brand style of the site intact, and adding usability and aesthetic refinements to the homepage.

We chose Messina Sans, a modern sans serif typeface from Luzi Type Foundry, as the primary typeface for the updated website. We updated some of the naviation icons, such those in the filter section above the homepage image that allow users to switch between a list or grid view of the portfolio for more detailed or more holistic viewing experiences. We also redesigned the filters above the images, which allow website viewers to limit that case studies to particular areas of design

After referencing several design agency websites and examples of Swiss grid design by Josef Müller-Brockmann, we built out a simple two-column gridded about page that displays the content in clear symmetrical units headed by rules. I also built custom images that link to studio press and video content.

Following is my style and component guide for the desktop pages (I've built similar versions for the mobile versions), as well as desktop and mobile design mockups forthe homepage and about page.



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