Cielo Hemon Album Single Covers

Creative Director Rodrigo Corral and I designed nine album covers for digital single releases for the music artist Cielo Hemon, which is the project of fiction writer Aleksandar Hemon. We explored several visual concepts based on the the words "bald" and "sky", which are meaning of the word "cielo" in two different languages (I forget which at the moment). We ended up decided on a minimalist photographic treatment for each cover on a neutral cream background. At Aleksandar's request we created a simple and tasteful logo for the project using Good Type Foundry's Rouleur typeface which would repeat on each cover. Good Type Foundry's Byrd typeface served as the typeface for each single title. We hit upon a different layout styles for both horizontally and vertically oriented images, choosing imagery that we felt were conceptually linked to the song titles.

Image credits:

Howdy, Hand Of God: Getty Images
Pitness: Aleksandar Hemon
Psycho Love: Getty Images
Words Of Wisdom: Jessina Lyn Leonard
Insomniac Dream: Christopher Furlong, Getty Images
Structures Of Longing/Re-Longing: Aleksandar Hemon
Ketamine Shuffle: Michel PERES, Getty Images
King Of Nothing/Remember The Future: Matthew Moore
Conclusions: Aleksandar Hemon

Image research: Pia Peterson



Cielo Hemon (music project of fiction writer Aleksandar Hemon)





Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop


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5. Iteration